What is TaTo Time?
TaTo Time is a tool to track the time and date in a tabletop RPG campaign. Game masters use it to create realistic time pressures and deadlines for their players, track upcoming world events in their campaigns, incorporate seasonal changes and effects, and most importantly, always have an answer when a player asks, "What time is it?"
Is there any cost?
No, TaTo Time is free, with or without an account.
What features are available with/without an account?
  • Without an account:
  • Track time/date with available calendar options
  • Remember progress on one device
  • With an account
  • Track time/date with calendar options, or with a custom calendar
  • Remember progress on all devices
  • Upcoming features
What are the calendar options?
Earth (IFC)
IFC stands for "International Fixed Calendar", and was a proposed system of redesigning the calendar with 13 equal months of 28 days each, divided into exactly 4 weeks. It includes an extra month called "Sol" between June and July, and 1 extra holiday between years called "Year Day", for a total of 365 days per year.
Forgotten Realms
Forgotten Realms is the most popular campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. It features a calendar with 12 months of 30 days each, with 5 holidays that fall between months, for a total of 365 days per year.
Month (Common Name):
  1. Hammer (Deepwinter)
  2. Alturiak (The Claw of Winter)
  3. Ches (The Claw of the Sunsets)
  4. Tarsakh (The Claw of the Storms)
  5. Mirtul (The Melting)
  6. Kythorn (The Time of Flowers)
  7. Flamerule (Summertide)
  8. Eleasis (Highsun)
  9. Eleint (The Fading)
  10. Marpenoth (Leaffall)
  11. Uktar (The Rotting)
  12. Nightal (The Drawing Down)
The 5 holidays are: Midwinter, between Hammer and Alturiak; Greengrass, between Tarsakh and Mirtul; Midsummer, between Flamerule and Eleasis; Highharvestide, between Eleint and Marpenoth; and The Feast of the Moon, between Uktar and Nightal.
Track Time Only
This option tracks only the time of day, and the number of days that have passed since the start of the campaign.
A custom calendar is only available to users who have created an account and are logged in. You may customize all features and display options of your calendar. Extra holiday days (such as leap year days) are not currently supported on custom calendars.
I forgot my username/password
This site does not collect any personally identifiable information, and therefore cannot verify ownership of any account. As a result, username and/or password recovery is not possible. It will be necessary to create a new account.
Upcoming planned features
  • Custom +time buttons (logged-in only)
  • Scheduled world events (logged-in only)
  • Player view (logged-in only)
  • Seasons (all users)
  • Moon phases (all users)
  • Weather (all users)
Questions, comments, suggestions, feature requests
If you have any questions not answered here, comments, feedback, suggestions, or feature requests, please contact: Brian Cavner brian@tatotime.com